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7:09am 04-08-2021
Outback Traveller
11:55am 03-26-2021
Unless there are reasons not to - Yes. I shall add some anti SPAM features if necessary.
7:33pm 03-25-2021
Are we using the present MB?
10:08pm 03-24-2021
Martin/Linh - that's wierd - it wouldn't work for me when I tried to make a username for Linh using your email address, Go to do some checking - It gave an error message about ID security. I didn't go there.
Pam, we can lose the little 123 banner ad for 10 euros per year. click the little arrow on right end of the banner.
1:46am 03-24-2021
Will the 123 thing go if we decide to use it? Brings back not really nice memories.
10:48pm 03-23-2021
Seems to have worked OK using Linh's name with same email as above.
10:46pm 03-23-2021
Testing if any reaction from GB to two different names using same email address
10:22am 03-23-2021
I'm sure it's a very nice screen though - if it isn't - make it so.
Just to reiterate (pedantic if you like), one does not 'login' to a GB, it is merely a char string and can be anything (within reason).
10:44pm 03-22-2021
Just testing login again - "only" took about 1 minute this time, but it's a very long minute when you're just sitting here looking at the screen!
6:24pm 03-22-2021
Found you all at last. Now just need to get on the MB,
1:15pm 03-19-2021
GeorgeB (Snr) said "It's your shout"
5:37pm 03-18-2021
Works from DK ;-)
4:51pm 03-18-2021
Testing testing testing, 1, 2, 3... Well that was easy, wasn't it - even blind Freddie could use this! I've intentionally removed my email address from the box above, just to see if I can still post without disclosing it... Say "Hi" to George B (Snr) for me!
3:13pm 03-18-2021
George B (Snr)
Still looking, I think it's been stolen
3:10pm 03-18-2021
George B
Looking for 'Wrong user name' that Martin discovered
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